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 Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood

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PostSubject: Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood   Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood Icon_minitimeFri Dec 22, 2006 9:12 pm

Chapter one:Freedom for Franz... or not

5 days after the episode"The Key", Ulrich, Jerimie, and Odd are near a tree, Jerimie is sitting on a bench typing on his laptop, Odd is sitting at the trunk of the tree the bench is in front of playing Tetris, and Ulrich is leaning against the tree drinking a Coke. Yumi shows up.

Yumi, still walking towards them:Hi guys, wheres Aelita?
Ulrich, Odd, and Jerimie:Hi.
Ulrich:Aelita is still sleeping.
Yumi:Oh. Hey, Jerimie what are you doing?

There is a beeping sound from Odd's Gameboy SP.

Odd: Aw man I lost!

Odd shuts it and turns his attention to Jerimie.

Jerimie: I'm trying to find Franz Hopper on Lyoko.

He taps a few keys.

Jerimie:There, I launched the program that will look for people in Lyoko. In the meantime why don't we decide who's house wer'e going to this summer.
Odd:Okay, since we went to my place last year, so I'll shuffle the cards.

Jerimie pulls out a deck of cards from his back pocket and hands them to Odd who then shuffles them, hands them back to Jerimie who fans them out, Odd then picks one. He shows it to everyone printed in thick dark letters is ULRICH. Just then Aelita walks up.

Aelita: What did I miss?
Odd:We are going to Ulrich's place this summer.
Aelita: really?

Jerimie takes a look at the screen.

Jerimie I found Franz Hopper! He's in a secreat room in sector five.
Yumi: Let's go.
Ulrich:one sec, I've gotta call my parents, OK?
Jerimie:Fine, meet us when your'e finished.

Everyone but Ulrich heads off to the factory, while he goes to his room. Ulrich dials, the phone rings, a person picks up speaking in Porteguese. Ulrich answers back in the same langauge.

Voice in english:Ah, Ulrich it is nice to hear from you again.
Ulrich:Hello George, is my dad or mom there.
George:I'm sorry but your dad is at his "STERN'S WORLD, CHINA" zoo currently .
Ulrich:And my mom.
George: Is in Africa nursing diseased villagers back to health.
Ulrich:Thanks, See ya soon.
George:Oh, they drew your card huh.
Ulrich: Yep

Ulrich hung up and decided to call his mom first. This time a person speaking in Swahili picked up.

Ulrich: Oh, it's you, wheres mom, Jessica
Jessica:Mom is operating right now, I'll tell her that you called.
Ulrich:Yeah right

Ulrich hangs up Odd is standing right behind him heard the whole call.

Odd:Who's Jessica.
Ulrich:My twin sister, she doesn't go to Kadic cause' we uhhh... kinda fight a lot.
Odd:Oh, well come on, speed it up. Seeya.

Ulrich calls his dad this time. A person speaking in chinese picks up.
Ulrich replies in chinese.

Man:Ulrich what is it I'm very busy, our pandas had twins so I need to tell them how long theyl'e behere.
Ulrich:Sorry dad, hey can my friends come over this summer?
Ulrich thinking:please say no please say no PLEASE SAY NO

Mr. Stern:Sure
Ulrich thinking:NOOOOOOOOOO!
Ulrich:Okay, I'll tell them, bye.
Mr. Stern:Bye.

Ulrich hangs up and runs over to the factory. He tells Jerimie and Aelita the news.

Jerimie:Yumi and Odd are waiting in the scanner room, Aelita isn't going because she doesn't need to do anything. I found out how to virtulize you into sector 5.

Our heros go through the wall when it opened up, there was a longer hall then usual that spilt into three other halls.

Ulrich:I'll go in the middle.
Odd:Left for me.
Yumi:Guess I'll go to the right.

They go thier seperate ways.

Jerimie:One should havea door in it. When you go through it cut the green wire only.
Odd:Green got it.
Yumi:The key is in my room.
Odd:Just a bunch of creepers here.
Ulrich thinking:Oh no the door is in my room!
Ulrich:I found the door.

Behind the door was a small room with a one blue, one green, and one red wire.

Jerimie:Okay Ulrich cut the green wire only.
Ulrich:I know, I know
Ulrich thinking:What I don't know is which one is green.
Ulrich:Jermie there's just one problem, I'm colorblind.
Jerimie:What?Why didn't you tell us before?
Jerimie:Just cut one at random.

Ulrich cut the top one which was the red one.

Jerimie:Nooooo, you cut the red one.
Ulrich:Will Franz die?
Jerimie:No, but we have to start all over another time

Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood Flamethrower2wr6 FUNNY!
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PostSubject: Re: Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood   Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood Icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2007 12:09 pm

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Ulrich's Mysterious Childhood
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