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 I canít wait to see the next season.

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PostSubject: I canít wait to see the next season.   Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:23 pm

Iím a huge fun of the comic book. Although I did not caught all those, but I have read the first 10 trade paperbacks and Iím very curious to see how this show might pull those story lines.
I have to say, the first episode is quite scary. It jumps us right in with those scary sequence, the police officer Rick, and one the walkers. In the 90 minutes of the first episode, it tells us more about the life of Rick, not much information about the walkers. The sequence where Rick wakes up in a hospital to discover that while he was in a coma, the world has changed a lot, even he never know about it . When he wakes up after 28 days, everything is gone, his wife, his son, his friend, everything.
I think I know he can find his wife, thatís what the show gives us the hope. But on the other way, I really hate Lori, how could she do that? Although she thinks his husband is dead, but it is not long, how she had another secret relationship with his husbandís best friend, I really canít accept that. I just cannot understand
Now, the first season is end,
I canít wait to see the next season.
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I canít wait to see the next season.
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